How to Grow Younger With Facial Massages?

Facial massages are very helpful in making your face look younger. It soothes away all tension on your face by relaxing the face muscles. It conditions your skin and revitalises it, making it look radiant. This in turn enhances your confidence level because when you look good, you feel good too!

There are different types of facial massages available and you can choose a facial massage depending on your skin type.

  • If your skin is loose and sagging, the massage given is light in order to tone your skin. Skin toning massage techniques used include double flipping, folding, digital kneading.

  • Those having sensitive skin will be given very mild pressure when massaging. Massaging techniques include watterwald pinching, heel palm point hacking and knuckle kneading.

  • A skin [] burst with acne is massaged very lightly using relaxing movements. the techniques used are digital kneading, vibrations (static and running) and pneumatic pressure.

  • If you skin has been seeing pretty rough times, it very dull and requires considerable revitalising, then massage given is heavy with pressure applied to facial muscles to stimulate them. Skin stimulating movements include jacquet pinching and vibrations.What ever be the type of massage you take, the masseur will provide calm surroundings, lit up by dim light along with music in the background to give you that relaxed feel as you have the massage.
  • Cleanse your face first to remove dirt and make-up. You face much be fresh.

  • Tie a hair band to keep your hair from falling onto to your face before you start the massage

  • Apply pressure lightly; never exert pressure when massaging your face.

  • Move your finger swiftly over your face muscles and at the same time apply firm strokes, but with a feathery touch.

  • Massage your face using cold cream if it is dry.

  • Oily face needs to be massaged using olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice.

Begin the massage from the base of your throat and move upward towards the chin using fingers from your right hand followed quickly by fingers of your left hand. Using your thumps, press your chin line and stoke outward towards he end of the jaw line.

Make strokes upwards on either side of your mouth and work your way in this manner towards your ear lobes. Now massage your nose using small stokes in an upward movement. Move your fingers to your eyebrows and make small circular movements around the eye.

Now, move upwards to the hairline and massage your temples using very little pressure, with small circular movements.

This completes your facial at-home massage. Do it regularly to see a younger and fresher you after a period of time.

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