Benefits of Facial Massage

When a customer comes to you for a facial they may or may not think that a massage can be worked in while getting the treatment. If they are new you should always consult with them before you start working on them so they know what to expect throughout the treatment. Consult with them to make sure they you both are on the same page and that you understand what the client is asking for.

If you normally do not perform a facial massage during a facial, you may want to start doing it. Clients really enjoy getting massaged during their facial because it helps them relax and is very soothing. It is also great for the spa therapist because massaging all the products in the skin really helps the skin absorb the products better.

A spa therapist can also determine when and how to incorporate facials with different massages such as hot and cold stones. This will actually help stimulate a clients circulation and soothe tired and sore muscles. Certain massages, especially during facials, can also help a client rid the pain of headaches.

There are also different facial techniques for sun-damaged and dehydrated skin that should be discussed between the therapist and the client. A lymphatic massage can also have great benefits on the face, and a spa therapist should talk about this among their clients. All spa therapists should discuss the different advantages and disadvantages for each massage and facial and should determine which will be appropriate for the individual.

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